The Cabin

Photo by Mikel Ibarluzea on Unsplash

There once was an old lady who lived in a cabin in the woods. The wind whistled and howled outside. The snow whirled about, angry and menacing. The old lady was frightened because the fire, her only means of warmth, was dying out.

Her husband, ancient in years matching her own, had laid up quite a bit of wood before he tragically passed away. It was while he was hauling wood to the cabin. He brought the last load of wood about halfway back to their little cabin when his ancient heart gave out.

When she found him, the old lady’s heart broke, and she howled in agony. Her howl rivaled that of the wind she heard outside tonight.

She prayed to be taken with him at the time, but she was destined to live this past year.

The couple had no children, but they lived happily in their little cabin in the woods. Living off the land and living off their love for each other. They lived well for many years.

The old lady kept a garden in the backyard, and the old man hunted well. Their life was good and they loved it.

The old lady watched the fire grow smaller and heard the wind howl louder. She didn’t fret over what the night would bring for her ancient husband appeared and took her home.



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Paula Dotson Frew

Paula Dotson Frew


I love to write and self-published my first book of poetry last year, a book of Haiku this year, and a book of short stories later this year!